I am an architect.  

That may be an unlikely introduction to my work as a photographer, but it's an important part of my story.

I graduated in 2002 with my Bachelor of Architecture degree from NC State University, became licensed in 2008 and currently have over 15 years of experience in the profession of architecture.  In 2015, I made the shift from practicing architect to beginning a new career in a field that I have loved from a young age - photography.

I can remember watching while my dad developed black and white prints in our makeshift garage darkroom.  I was fascinated by the process and began regularly taking photographs as time went on, even making photography a central part of my portfolio for admission to the School of Design at NC State.

My experience with photography ranges using black and white film and darkroom developing to current digital equipment and editing.  I believe my eye for composition and my background in architecture give me a unique frame of reference as a photographer.

My approach is simple.  I try to make the best image I can make directly from the camera.  I will do a bit of post production editing, but I strive to keep the photographs as honest as possible.

Architecture is a balance of beauty and purpose.  I want my photographs to be the same.

Susan Holt
Photographer & Architect